Smoking Gun Jerky, Inc. is a privately owned corporation founded in 2009 by Lincoln, Nebraska entrepreneur Dave Ferguson. In conjunction with the University of Nebraska Food Science Division, Mr. Ferguson’s recipe for a liquid jerky marinade was refined and developed into a unique formula for the consumer to make their own jerky from wild game or domestic meats.

Smoking Gun Jerky, Inc. was formed around the following objective: to develop, manufacture, and market a unique liquid marinade for the consumer to make their own jerky. The strength of this product is the fact that it permeates the meat unlike existing dry rubs on the market. It’s quick and easy to use and produces a healthy, nutritious snack at an economical cost, giving the big game hunters another option when it comes to processing their game. This marinade forms the core product of Smoking Gun Jerky, Inc. 

Introduced into retail grocery stores in 2010, it was requested that actual beef jerky itself be made from the marinade for the consumers to purchase. A USDA-certified co-packer was sourced, and the production of 3 different flavors of Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky became available in many retail stores.  In 2013, 5 new flavors were added and in 2016, 6 additional flavors were developed in the line up for a total of 14 fantastic flavors and heat levels of Smoking Gun Jerky.  Today, we wholesale these 14 flavors to other businesses, plus the Smoking Gun Jerky of Nebraska retail store in Lincoln, NE makes over 50 flavors of fresh jerky and sells these flavors in the retail and online store for your enjoyment.  

Smoking Gun Jerky products include pre-packaged jerky, bottled marinade, Smoking Gun's seasonings, and Smoking Gun's Grilling Marinade.  Smoking Gun products are manufactured by independent co-packers throughout the Midwest and sold in the Smoking Gun Jerky of Nebraska retail store in Lincoln, Nebraska as well as from many wholesaler outlets around the country.

In December 2010 we opened our own retail jerky store in Lincoln, NE. Located at 443 North 48th Street, where we produce and sell "freshly-made-in-storejerky in over 50 flavors and heat levels, along with marinades, BBQ sauces, rubs, salsa, spreads, grills/smokers, smoking wood pellets and other favorites from throughout the U.S. as well as from local family owned businesses in Nebraska.

You can also find us at many area events, including deer shows, farmer's markets, hunting and gun shows, and local celebrations.  Our USDA jerky, seasonings, and marinades can also be purchased in selected retail outlets nationwide.  Look for and ask for us in your favorite stores and in our online store as well!