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Complete Idiot Beef Jerky, 2.1 oz. Pkg. -NEW- Hottest Ever!

We won't go any hotter! This NEW FLAVOR is beyond Stupid!
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You asked for Beyond... CRAZY - Here it is! This is our newest 2.1 oz. over the top HOT jerky! If you have tried the Cant Fix Stupid Jerky flavor and still want more heat, then CAREFULLY take a bite of this one. We kept this one "under wraps" for awhile to make sure it isn't lethal! Personally, I can't describe it as I can't taste it! Way too hot for my tastebuds! Just like it's predicessor "Stupid", watch out for the burn on this one - inside and out, today and tomorrow, and wash your hands well before touching any body parts! Made especially for you ~ in Nebraska! ...and just like the Nebraska motto - this one isn't for everybody! Feel free to give us feedback on our website - we always want to hear your comments!

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