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Smoking Gun Grilling Marinade 16 oz.

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Want to be the king of BBQ? Smoking Gun's Grilling Marinade has the same great flavor as our Jerky Marinade but is formulated to give your wild game, beef, pork, seafood, or chicken a great hickory flavor....without having to fire up a smoker! Marinate 30 minutes for great flavor or refrigerate your meat overnight with this marinade to give a deep smoked taste. Very low sodium content, and a great addition to your grilling arsenol. Tastes great when combined with Smoking Gun's High Velocity seasoning, too! The 16 oz. bottle will marinate 4-5 meals and a little goes a long way. Meat does not have to be covered in marinade. Use a ziploc bag to marinate, and turn frequently to allow marinade to cover all sides of meat or veggies. No need to baste either, this marinade penetrates the meat while you wait. Enjoy this special marinade at your next BBQ; friends and family will love it!

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