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Why Beef Jerky For a Father's Day Gift!

1. Flavor Explosion

Smoking Gun Jerky of Nebraska jerky comes in an astonishing variety of 50+ flavors that can cater to any dad's palate. From the traditional smoky and savory to adventurous flavors like teriyaki, spicy jalapeño, and sweet maple. We even have fun flavors titled "wicked awesome", "beer for my horses" or  my favorite "can't fix stupid"! We can assure you that there’s a jerky flavor for every taste preference. 

2. High-Protein Snack

For the health-conscious dad, beef jerky is a high-protein, low-fat snack that fits perfectly into a balanced diet. It’s an excellent source of essential nutrients like iron, zinc, and B vitamins, providing a nutritious boost without the guilt. Whether your dad is into fitness, outdoor adventures, or just likes to keep his energy levels up, beef jerky is a wholesome choice.

3. Convenient and Portable

One of the best things about beef jerky is its portability. It’s the ideal snack for dads who are always on the go, whether they’re heading to work, the gym, or a weekend camping trip. Jerky doesn’t require refrigeration, making it a perfect companion for road trips, hiking excursions, or just a handy desk drawer snack.

4. Long Shelf Life

Unlike many other snacks that go stale or spoil quickly, beef jerky has a long shelf life. With a born on date printed on each label, this makes it a practical gift that your dad can enjoy over time, savoring each bite whenever the craving strikes. You can even opt for a Father's Day Gift Box for only $49.99! Included in the box are 6 flavors of our 2.1oz jerky that you get to choose. Mix and Match however you see fit for your dad! 

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